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The Stuart Yasaki Orchestra, featuring Shirley Rogers

Do you enjoy dancing? And are you into the swinging sounds of Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, Count Basie and Duke Ellington? If so, then grab your favorite dancing partner and dance to the music of Stuart Yasaki and his Orchestra, featuring Shirley Rogers.

The Stuart Yasaki Orchestra, headed by the extraordinary Stuart Yasaki himself, plays the music of all the great bands, together with some selections from the orchestra members themselves. Featuring Stuart's virtuoso trumpet, saxophone and clarinet, and the lovely voice of the talented Shirley Rogers, the band entertains the many dancers of all ages filling the floor wherever we play.

The band also features the powerful trumpet of Chris Bradley, the voice and trombone of Bob Olness, and the arrangements of the late, great Weid Fairson. Let yourself be taken back to a time when popular music was dominated by the stupendous talents of the legendary bandleaders of the Swing Era. For those who are unfamiliar with the music, there is no better way to introduce yourself to the standards of the era such as In The Mood, Leap Frog, and Moonlight Serenade.

NEWS FLASH We are unfortunately no longer at the Castro Valley Moose Lodge, due to various issues arising. We would like to thank the many folks who made our Sundays by coming out and dancing to our music. We are currently looking for a new venue, and would appreciate any tips that might allow us to find such a venue. The band would also like to wish all of our friends a very Happy New Year, and we hope that your 2005 is so far as good or better than your 2004!

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