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Monday, 7 March 2005
Baby Supplies
Amaguri and I went shopping for baby supplies (cribs, carriers, bottles, etc.) this weekend. After browsing the stock of a number of baby supply stores, we also looked through the surpirsing amount of stock at the Burlington Coat Factory. We discovered that there is a surpirsing difference in price depending upon where one chooses to shop for said supplies. However, we decided that after we have searched through my parents' attic for my siblings' and my old baby equipment, we will probably fill the remainder of our needs through an online provider or two. The stroller and the car seat will both be purchased new, as we do not wish to take risks with these two pieces of equipment.

After our day of shopping on Saturday, we treated ourselves to an evening of fine dining in the nearby city. We dined at a rather well-known seafood establishment, and completely filled our stomachs. Due to our extensive walking prior to entering the restaurant, we were able to finsh the large dishes set before us without trouble. Amaguri and I even had room for dessert! We think that by indulging ourselves in this manner, we are introducing Chibiguri to the pleasures of fine dining as well. This may be a pretty conceit, but it pleases us to so think this way. We may even discover that we are not so far off base...

Posted by gankomon at 1:30 AM EST
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Wednesday, 2 March 2005
Food & Expectant Mothers, Pt 1
I have noticed that Amaguri has a fascination with edibles. As we relax here watching the Food network, Amaguri is insisting that it is Chibiguri who causes her to snack. I am given to understand that this is a common phenomenon amongst women in this condition, so i am unsurprised by her sudden appetite. I suspect it will grow before it subsides.

An interesting sidelight to this sudden craving for food is that Amaguri complains that despite craving food, she is not able to consume as much as she was previously. As I reported in an earlier episode, she also has become finicky in her choice of edibles.

After dinner, we are currently watching a rather entertaining and educational (as well as entirely too mouthwatering) show on Food Network called $40 a Day. A hostess named Rachael Ray travels around the United States and some foreign climes, partaking of the local cuisine on a mere $40 per day. We have found ourselves becoming quite fond of this show, as it gives us ideas for future culinary travels, as well as whetting our appetites for fare closer to home. And of course, we usually end of snacking after the show, as our appetites have been whetted to the point of needing sustenance!

It appears that this entry in the ongoing journal of Gankomon, Amaguri and the soon-to-be-with-us Chibiguri has been focussed entirely on food. Chibiguri has made a mere cameo, despite its purported leading role. Perhaps I should not blog whilst my attention is riveted on Food Network. I shall make amends in the next episode, concentrating more on the major players...

Posted by gankomon at 1:15 AM EST
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The March Begins
So it is March, and Amaguri is very low energy today. Fortunately, she did not have to go to work, but she still managed to go out shopping and brought back some delicious chicken parts, of which we have but recently finished partaking.

Though Amaguri's day sickness seems to have receded today, she says she was feeling a trifle dizzy, especially while she was out shopping. I hope that the dizziness is pregnancy-related, as neither she nor I wish for her to suffer any other illness. Pregnancy is quite stressful enough!

We have begun looking at baby products, and are planning a weekend excursion to the local Babies 'R Us superstore, though Amaguri's friend suggested that we may wish to browse and handle at the superstore, then save our pennies by purchasing through online providers. This seems eminently sensible to us, and we plan to act on that belief.

Posted by gankomon at 12:45 AM EST
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Friday, 25 February 2005
Exercise & Diet
Well, Amaguri is reacting well to the stress of the pregnancy. She appears to be fortunately immune to the dreaded morning sickness, but she is having trouble with bouts of upset stomach at inopportune times.

Today, she had a day off, and was filled with unusual energy. This is a rarity since the pregnancy commenced, annd I was delighted to be able to go for an extensive walk with her around our neighborhood after returning home from the office.

She does have difficulty handling long rides in the car. As we will be attending a fancy-dress ball next month, we are hoping that the 3-3.5 hour ride down will not prove to be too strenuous. Lots of stops are planned.

She has also commenced to need certain foods, and her appetite, which is normally very robust, has become finicky and her diet is very cautious. I think that perhaps Chibiguri is already dictating like and dislikes.

After reading this post, Amaguri has just informed me that Chibiguri has a particular fondness for apples and oranges. As this is ongoing however, Amaguri is becoming tired of this diet. She recently informed me that once the first trimester comes to an end, prime rib is soon going to be a necessary component of the diet as well.

Posted by gankomon at 2:29 AM EST
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Thursday, 24 February 2005
Las Vegas' Revenge?

Mrs. Gankomon (hereafter referred to as Amaguri) and I spent our 2005 New Year's holiday amongst the fleshpots of Las Vegas, Nevada. We thoroughly enjoyed our opportunity to see the Cirque de Soleil's beautiful "O" show at the Bellagio, and we were also quite fortunate at the tables as every member of our little group EXCEPT Amaguri won financial rewards. Amaguri was not fortunate in the financial winnings, but after we returned home, we discovered that she had quite a different gift.

After a visit to the doctor on February 15, our suspicions were confirmed. The New Addition (hereafter referred to as Chibiguri) will be joining our family in either September or October.

This blog is named in honor of our impending New Addition and will document the progress both of Amaguri's pregnancy, and the changes that we make to accommodate Chibiguri. More coming soon...

Posted by gankomon at 1:38 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 24 February 2005 1:43 AM EST
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